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Recently I discovered myself “othering.” Not the normal othering (that of making people feel less than), but the othering of those suffering from some horrid life event. A woman I know had a son take an overdoes of pills. I … Continue reading

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Taking Up Offenses

There are those that believe taking up offenses is a sin. I won’t belabor the issue, because I don’t feel that scripture in definitive on the issue.(http://pastorterrysblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/danger-of-taking-anothers-offense.html) I do think that taking up another’s offense can be harmful, because you … Continue reading

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Tears For The Little Girl

This morning I was taking a shower and I thought of my Mom. Lately I’ve thought of her a lot. I thought “my poor Mom,” because at the end of her life my sister dumped her in a nursing home … Continue reading

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Just Another Email

You know how it is – you get an email with yet another poem, song, you-name-it, it’s almost spam but it comes from your friends. But every so often you get one that is a huh-moment. I got one of … Continue reading

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A Dog’s Prayer

I am currently writing a blog for this weekend but every once in awhile you find something you want to share. So I’m just passing this on. A Dog’s Prayer By Beth Norman Harris Treat me kindly, my beloved master, … Continue reading

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Perfect Worry

Just this morning I identified a new sin in my life: MOTHERHOOD! Okay, not quite, this was just to get your attention. But it could almost be true, because isn’t motherhood synonymous for WORRY? I think they are very closely related. … Continue reading

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Answered Prayer

This morning I was thinking about my last husband Joe. Joe and I had a rocky relationship (Wow – that is an understatement.) There was a lot of love and a lot of thorns. And then he died. I was … Continue reading

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Forgiveness. There is so much meaning in those 11 letters. Almost all people have something to say about forgiveness. Most people will agree that it is a good thing to forgive. But if it’s so good, why is it so … Continue reading

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