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Tears or When Will I Be Loved

Last night I cried myself to sleep. I have been going to a counselor for over a year and I started attending a food-group (for people with food issues) a couple of weeks ago. And I have been on the … Continue reading

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Graduation Day

Wow! How time flies. And how creative God is. He is the first who thought outside the box. At least in my life. In less than 10 years (8 1/2  to be precise) God has taken me from being homeless … Continue reading

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Love and Evil

Today I answered a woman who was upset about the cruelty a dog named Chamberlin had endured and how some abuser won’t face the responsibility of her actions. This was my response. I don’t always know why there is evil … Continue reading

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I’m Hot

I’m Hot. Really. Really hot. Caliente. Molto caldo. Très chaud. Heiss. In other words, hot. I’m hot for Jesus. Jesus is my love, my lover, my best friend, my all. And what makes me sad is that I’ve learned by … Continue reading

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