Thank You Note to God

Dear God,

A couple of weeks ago I began praying for money to buy another dog gate from Amazon. It was $40. There were lots of other things I wanted, but I felt I needed another gate. So, I prayed. Then Thursday, on a whim, I entered a FB drawing. I didn’t know what it was for, I didn’t really care, it just took a moment. Well, God, thank you so much! You let me win a $500 Amazon Gift Certificate. That means I can buy a printer, a gate and heartworm medicine for the dogs. Yes, You knew I was worried about the heartworm medicine too, so you solved it all. You knew I had a laser printer on my list of things to buy in January. I mean, I am going to be opening a law practice this time next year. So you met my needs above and beyond.

Thank you,


About michellerap

Today I find my identity in God. I use to find my identity in externals, like motherhood, being a lawyer, etc. But that's not who I am. I am redeemed and wholly loved and precious in His sight. First and foremost, this is who I am. The other things are part of me, but they do not define me. God does. My job as a Christian is not to judge people but to show them the heart and hands of Christ. I am to show mercy and grace. And someday, when I am an attorney, I hope I can help those God puts in my path to find justice. I am a mother of four and a grandmother of nine. I am proud of each of them. I also have three dogs. I am lawyer who loves what I do. I am also Gluten-Free and any recipe I publish is GF. It's the only way I cook.
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